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A simple experiment in Sound and Vision for Hamlet

The aim of this hack is to explore turning the structures of the First Folio texts marked up using Text Encoding Initiative XML (TEI) into notes using the Chuck , PHP and Processing languages. I wanted to explore the processes for transforming the texts for the user and explore different ways of presenting the textual […]

A new project

Helsinki, Finland. OkFest. I had just come out of the Hans Rosling talk (or seeing it on a screen) and was talking to various openGlam people about it and we were rather excited. The conversation started off innocently enough. It started small enough as well. As these things do, it grew slightly. One Sunday (and […]

Weeknotes: Talks, Open Correspondence, XMPP

I gave a talk at the Oxford Geek Nights about Open Correspondence and letters. At some point I really ought to learn how to give talks. Anyhow Russell Davies was the main speakers and he showed how you could make physical objects from data derived from social networks. (He has a marvellously sane post about […]

Weeknotes: PHP, SOAP, and Open Letters

It has been a fairly quiet week with the boss away. I’ve managed to complete a service to upload details from spreadsheets sent via email. I’ve also managed to complete a SOAP service in PHP to listen for status updates and just doing the final tests to it now. Once its up it can be […]

Weeknotes: Redis, PHP, mail and SOAP

I’ve spent some time writing a queueing library using Redis as a backend. I started with the notion that it would need to be a FIFO queue but didn’t want to only use the in-built parts of PHP as a stack using array_pop or array_push. Whilst it might be faster, it doesn’t allow for queue […]

Full text search using PHP and MySQL

I’ve been thinking about full text searching for the letters project and trying to find various solutions that are open source. On the Open Shakespeare and Open Milton sites, we used the Xapian  project which is an excellent search engine. However I wanted to try and find a way of getting a search running using […]