Monthly Archives: July 2011

More autocompletion with Redis and Drupal

Last week I began working on an auto-complete function using Redis behind Drupal 7 to do some auto-completing functions. I needed to get some county data, and possibly other sorts, put into some forms so that it can be standardised. One of the issues that I’ve been trying to do is to make sure that […]

Auto-completing Drupal with Redis

I’ve been working on some functions for a forthcoming site at Janet and have been looking at the user functionality in some of our forms. In a reversal of roles, I’ve been trying to find ways of making it easier for users to complete the forms for various products and services which has taken me down […]

Weeknotes: Documents and data

The main project this week (apart from hte onging one of moving and virtualising servers) is to begin work on our technical documents. I’m trying to move them onto the web and make the useful, not only in terms of reading about them but also to make them linkable. I’m trying to get them out […]