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Sonification, Schemas and Microdata

In an ongoing experiment, I am playing around with representing sonification in HTML to enable sharing it within a webpage, focusing on the Event and AudioObject schemas. Following some currently unpublished thesis work, I was curious about trying to model the thing that I was writing about and putting it into the mark-up to allow […]

Harmonising the Heterogeneous at Cultures of Knowledge

Harmonising the Heterogeneous at the Cultures of Knowledge seminar series with Eero Hyvönen. Notes are unedited. Two forms of the Web : WWW for humans, GGG (Giant Global Graph) for data. Core data set 1048 data sets and 59 billion triples. Google’s Knowledge Graph and Microsoft’s Satori – graph engines in the search giants. Why […]

Weeknotes: Documents and data

The main project this week (apart from hte onging one of moving and virtualising servers) is to begin work on our technical documents. I’m trying to move them onto the web and make the useful, not only in terms of reading about them but also to make them linkable. I’m trying to get them out […]

Weeknotes: Conferences and Open Correspondence

On Wednesday I went to the JISC dev8d conference. I wish I could have gone for both days but time doesn’t permit at the moment. In all, I had a trhough provoking day and managed to catch talks on the Mobile Web (which I wasn’t expecting) and Linked Data. Whilst I didn’t attend the programming […]

Exposing the Classic Serial data

I’ve just been listening to the serialisation of Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone on Radio Four in its Classic serial slot. Whilst  listening (and remembering how much I had enjoyed it when I read it years ago), I began thinking about trying to expose it as Linked Data so that the book’s publication detail could be […]

Weeknotes: Arts funding, Open Correspondence

I’ve been doing some updating this week rather than anything new. I was going to spend time trying to complete the places section of the Open Correspondence website. It needs some tidying up as the endpoint has had some changes made to it. I did come across an issue which has implications in exposing other […]

Contextualising places in time

As part of the Open Correspondence project, I’ve started to look at place names and locations to build a set of temporal and spatial data for the letters to allow for geographical queries. As part of the search, I came across a reference to Sean Gillies’ useful blog post talking about modelling historical place names […]

Weeknotes: Open correspondence

A quiet week as I’ve been having a few days off but I’ve been working on some of the tickets for Open Correspondence. The urls have changed to /letters/view/<author>/<correspondent>/<letter id> in an attempt to make them more user friendly and also to allow the user to define smaller or larger collections by altering the url. […]