Monthly Archives: May 2010

Weeknotes: Pylons, Python and printing

I’ve been doing some more work to the Open Correspondence website (which is now functional¬† thanks to Rufus Pollock’s help). In part I’ve been cleaning up the urls for the data controller (which is still coming along) and trying to tie the views in together. Being happier with Apache and PHP I spent some time […]

Weeknotes: Data mining, XML and bibliographies

It seems to be have been a week of frantic completion and refactoring. The first half was spent frantically converting html pages into PDFs using Verypdf’s HTMLtools server product. All in all the manual is very helpful and the test server could be set up quickly. It might have helped the other end if I’d […]

Weeknotes: Redis, RDF, rdflib and openletters

I’ve been trying to play catch up this week at work. One of the projects that I’ve been working on is the temporary storage of information. For one reason or another, one of the workers has decided to occasionally throw a fit and not do its job properly (on top of a connection that appears […]

Date set for Textcamp

The provisional date for Textcamp has been set for August 21st on the twitter feed.