Monthly Archives: June 2010

Weeknotes: All quiet on the accounting front

It’s been a week of relative frustration with priorities suddenly being shifted and the infrastructure road map looking more and more unclear. The soap server is largely debugged and ready for more extensive testing on the server and the back end has now been rewritten to capture more data. I cannot help feeling that it […]

Weeknotes: PHP, SOAP, and Open Letters

It has been a fairly quiet week with the boss away. I’ve managed to complete a service to upload details from spreadsheets sent via email. I’ve also managed to complete a SOAP service in PHP to listen for status updates and just doing the final tests to it now. Once its up it can be […]

Weeknotes: Data, service buses and trac

I’ve succumbed and I’ve got a microslot at the next Oxford Geek Nights where I’m talking about the Open Correspondence website. I’ve downloaded the rest of the Gutenberg copies of the Dickens letters but just need an evening to make some headway with transforming them. I spent a fair amout of this week trying to […]

Weeknotes: Redis, PHP, mail and SOAP

I’ve spent some time writing a queueing library using Redis as a backend. I started with the notion that it would need to be a FIFO queue but didn’t want to only use the in-built parts of PHP as a stack using array_pop or array_push. Whilst it might be faster, it doesn’t allow for queue […]