Weeknotes: All quiet on the accounting front

It’s been a week of relative frustration with priorities suddenly being shifted and the infrastructure road map looking more and more unclear.

The soap server is largely debugged and ready for more extensive testing on the server and the back end has now been rewritten to capture more data. I cannot help feeling that it will change once more services go online to scale more efficiently but right now I don’t have the expertise to do it. I’ll get there.

On a different tack, I’m back on the accounting project that I was on several months ago and making some headway in that. Its grown since I was last involved in it but nothing that a decent set of specs and roadmaps cannot solve in terms of making it manageable.

I’ve been thinking about my next book project which is on the New Weird and genre over the last 15 years and wondering how to use dbpedia’s influencedBy and influence terms in terms of showing how writers influence each other over a century. I’m tempted to put the data into a large rdf sheet and then use javascript or PHP to transform it into JSON to see if you can use the Simile timeline software usefully or if I need to find / write something more appropriate. It does have to wait for me to finish the current book.

I forgot to link to the Open Correspondence blog post on the Open Knowledge Foundation’s blog which was posted a few days ago.

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