Monthly Archives: July 2010

Weeknotes: Talks, Open Correspondence, XMPP

I gave a talk at the Oxford Geek Nights about Open Correspondence and letters. At some point I really ought to learn how to give talks. Anyhow Russell Davies was the main speakers and he showed how you could make physical objects from data derived from social networks. (He has a marvellously sane post about […]

Finding a space for NoSQL

ReadWriteWeb have a post on NoSQL (again?) by Audrey Watters which is a brief overview of the area.  The original post points the Heroku blog, where Adam Wiggins outlines the uses of NoSQL. I’m not an expert by any means but use Redis on a daily basis with the Rediska PHP library. I remember having […]

BBC’s use of Semantic Web technology in World Cup

Just caught this story on ReadWrite Web about the BBC website’s use of semantic web technology during the World Cup.  Jem Rayfield explains more on the BBC Internet blog about the use of technology. I’ve still got a fair amount of reading to do but this is the sort of project that makes me rethink […]

Weeknotes: documentation, prototyping and cats

I’ve spent most of the week either trying to persuade colleagues that rewrites are needed to existing services. I’ve also finally managed to get the initial promise of working from home so hopefully I’ll be able to get the rewrite started on the “quiet” days away from the office. (Although the cat can drive me […]

Weeknotes: maintenance, and Dickens

It seems to be maintenance season again. Still carry on with the accounts systems and doing some work to those systems for most of the week. It is a slow job but I would rather spend time getting it right rather than rush something ut and spend the next year patching it because we rushed […]