Weeknotes: Talks, Open Correspondence, XMPP

I gave a talk at the Oxford Geek Nights about Open Correspondence and letters. At some point I really ought to learn how to give talks. Anyhow Russell Davies was the main speakers and he showed how you could make physical objects from data derived from social networks. (He has a marvellously sane post about the Raoul Moat facebook page.) Anyhow its gathered some people who are interested in contributing. Now I’ve finished the book, I’ve got more time to make changes to the codebase which urgently needs it. Finishing off stuff really. Then making the real changes.

Accounts has been slightly on hold since the wages needed to be run and I didn’t see that accounts or operations would be happy with fugures potentially changing.

The main project has been setting up a notification service to set up the service layer correctly. I’ve finally got the server working so I’m just building a framework. I thought of porting parts of djabberd projects into PHP but I’m justĀ  looking at parts of it but XMPP is certainly a useful tool in getting machines to speak to each other and to develop event driven services.

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