Monthly Archives: June 2011

Weeknotes: Drupal, NoSQL and data

It has been an interesting week which¬† I would rather forget. However I am not and it made me rethink quite a few assumptions. On the plus side, I’ve managed to write some of the documentation for the portal and map the processes which need to be coded next week. The major thing that I […]

Node, Twitter and storing data

I’ve been meaning to get into doing some work using Node.js for bits and pieces. Node offers some serious possibilities for server side programming without using cron jobs, creating event driven programmes that reduce load on the CPU (not using cron jobs) and for more agile and responsive backends to be created. After a conversation […]

JISCMail to migrate to new platform

I see from Twitter that JISCMail announced that they have funding for another year which is a good thing (in the Sellars and Yeats sense). It does mention that they are migrating onto a new platform (though it is inferred keeping the current mail system) but does not mention what this might be. The statement […]

Weeknotes: Storing and cleaning data

This week has been soft launching a CRM system for the Janet project. Hopefully these would be just user bugs but it has highlighted some interesting data cleaning issues. These are going to be inherent in the exchange of data between two or more systems, especially when one is a long-term pre-existing one. This has […]