Weeknotes: Drupal, NoSQL and data

It has been an interesting week which¬† I would rather forget. However I am not and it made me rethink quite a few assumptions. On the plus side, I’ve managed to write some of the documentation for the portal and map the processes which need to be coded next week.

The major thing that I have completed is the basic integration of Drupal 7 with SugarCRM Community edition. At the moment it definitely works with version 6.12 as this is what I have at the moment but I’m going to upgrade to 6.2. I do not see any issues regarding this as apart from having to remap one or two fields. I’m hoping, next week now, to split off some of the changes and to offer them to original project as patches so that the main webform2sugar project can bring them on board or not as they will.

In tandem with the data cleaning project mentioned last week, I am looking at caching data using Redis behind forms to offer fixed lists of data. Although we commonly use PHP, I am strongly thinking of writing the readers and document parsers in either Perl or Python. What I might do is to write some test scripts in both and benchmark them but also have to balance their handling on MS Word (probably largely the 2003 version rather than the 2007 one) and PDF documents across platforms as I will be moving them across platforms.

I’ve also been thinking about NoSQL stores for other pieces of data and projects which are being worked on. The HighScalability blog has a great piece on what to look under which circumstances for SQL and NoSQL databases.

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