Monthly Archives: November 2010

Providing an arts funding platform

A brief post but I saw this article in the print version of the Observer on All Visual Arts (AVA) this morning on a the (re)rise of private arts funding. It set me thinking. Given the supposed interest in buying arts from those who are not billionaires, could micro-funding model be applied to the arts […]

Contextualising places in time

As part of the Open Correspondence project, I’ve started to look at place names and locations to build a set of temporal and spatial data for the letters to allow for geographical queries. As part of the search, I came across a reference to Sean Gillies’ useful blog post talking about modelling historical place names […]

Weeknotes: Books and places for Open Correspondence

Progress on the next version of OpenĀ  Correspondence has been a bit slower than I would have like. Sleep is, however, useful to being alert enough to write code. I’ve gone back to the some of the work that I was doing for the first version of the site way back last year. As part […]

Digital Humanities and building data sets

Rob Myers reposted this New York Times link on the Open Knowledge Foundation discussion list about Digital Humanities and its growth. It mentions the Mapping the Republic of Letters project (unfortunately it does not appear to be open) and its linking together of the centres of letter production. Last night I managed to build the […]

Weeknotes: Open Correspondence, Xapian and Linked Data

After last week’s server move, we discovered one or two things that needed to be changed before they could go live. The main thing was the Xapian search which I had been working on. The initial version kept the Xapian server on the local machine and used that to index and search the letters butt […]

Tweeting changes with Node.js

As a break from Open Correspondence, I’ve been looking at node.js, the server side Javascript library. I’ve been thinking about the document stuff that I’ve been working on with Milton. One of the things that I had mooted as an idea was reading Twitter and pushing them back to the document. I’ve been playing with […]

Weeknotes: Open Correspondence

I’ve been talking with Rufus Pollock about moving the Open Correspondence web site as we’ve had the occasional snafu with bringing the site back up after maintenance. I’m pleased to say that we managed the move last night and the site is back up, DNS moved and so on. The one thing that really surprised […]