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Trying to geolocate a part of Charles Dickens

I have been working at a snail’s pace on some geolocation queries on some locations which are associated with Charles Dickens. Using Python’s NLTK library, I managed to extract around 60 distinct locations from his novel, Bleak House. A bit of human editing has tidied this up for me but it looks useful. Having popped […]

Weeknotes: Open Correspondence, Xapian and Linked Data

After last week’s server move, we discovered one or two things that needed to be changed before they could go live. The main thing was the Xapian search which I had been working on. The initial version kept the Xapian server on the local machine and used that to index and search the letters butt […]

Exporting and querying Dickens data

As a follow up to the posting regarding the propsed ontology, I’ve started to try and create a SPARQL endpoint. At some point soon, I want to use the new version of ARC as the version I’ve got here is a little out of date. After that the next thing should be to allow the […]

Letters of Charles Dickens website

I’ve finally posted the first draft of the Dickens website here: https://austgate.co.uk/dickens/index.php?author=Dickens.¬† The idea is that it will allow users to derive networks across the a variety of Victorian authors as and when I can develop the datasets. I’ve also been developing a small text ontology to add to the Friend of a Friend (FOAF)¬† […]

Mining the Letters of Charles Dickens

As an aside I’ve started¬† a small project to begin visualising ways of searching the letters of Charles Dickens and exploring the Simile library which MIT have produced. Its originally an extension to the D-Space repository tool but Rufus Pollock used in the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Weaving History project – to which I contributed the […]