A selection of talks and presentations

Emsley, I, (2016). Sounds like Data, Presentation at UX in the City Oxford 2016

Emsley, I, (2016). “O where is Romeo, saw you him to day?”: Using sonification and visualization in the exploration of Early English literature metadata

Iain Emsley and David De Roure, (2015). “It will discourse most eloquent music”: Sonifying variants of Hamlet.

Maker Fayre: Engaging audiences with Early English data, Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School, 2015

The Sound of Flowing Data: Engineering Challenges in Data Sonification, Computer Science Student and Research Staff Conference 2015, Oxford. Poster submission.

Pride and Zombie Processes, or how not to build a messaging queue system, Accu Oxford, September 2013

Bean, BEAN and more than half a bean, Oxford Drupal User Group, June 2013

Visualisation of John Carpenter’s Dark Star as DNA chart, Open Humanities Hackday, November 2012

Bumbling through integration with Entity Forms, OxDUG, September 2012

What the Dickens? – mining the 19th century web, Oxford Geek Nights, July 2010