Monthly Archives: May 2009

Rethinking the idea of the “text”

Is a text really stable? Is it entity? In a lecture during my final year at the University of Leicester, one of the English lecturers posed a a question: What is a text? After soliciting various answers from the masses, he argued that a text is anything – email, note, manuscript and so on. So […]

Cory Doctorow on Creative Commons licensing

Cory Doctorow has come up with a quick guide to self-serve licensing via Creative Commons which outlines the uses and advantages of the licence. The crux, apart from citation of sources, is what it allows users to do to use your data/craft/book/doohickey in innovative ways. From that both parties can learn from each other and […]

The changing community of publishing

The New York Times had a piece on digital piracy of books and the contrasting views which was picked up by Slashdot. Starting out from the anti-piracy view, it does note that bestsellers are often the most pirated books which backs up Cory Doctorow‘s assertion: “I really feel like my problem isn’t piracy,…It’s obscurity.” His […]