Monthly Archives: May 2011

Weeknotes: Open Correspondence toolkit and converting XML into JSON

I’ve been quiet for a bit though generally because I’ve been quite busy on projects and exploring ideas. After Book Hackday, I’ve written a post about beginning to develop the Open Correspondence toolkit for the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Notebook blog. I was also contacted regarding converting the TEI XML pages into JSON, which I am […]

Hacking the book – a quick overview of Book Hackday

I  went to the Book Hackday on Saturday that was supported and organised by the Creative Industries iNet; Electric Bookshop; Geekcamp; idno; Free Word; and Perera. I’d been looking forward to this event, though with some trepidation. It sounds like I took the sensible option of walking from the bus stop over to Clerkenwell but I do like walking […]

Bouncing like a bunny – initial thoughts on RabbitMQ

As part of the synchronisation part of a project, I’ve been trying to integrate systems together with a messaging system. This is not a trendy decision but one based on scalability and flexibility at the core. I wrote a micro-messaging server for my previous job which was dealing with a few hundred messages per day […]

CouchDb and Documents

I’ve been have a pre-Book HackDay hack at home (in between cat wrangling duties!) to use Couch DB in managing documents. Since it is a document centred database, no surprise there, but I’ve looking at it from the perspective of creating a system to allow to create their own documentation and make notes against the […]

Book Hackday and using Node with Redis

I’ve bumped into Marcus Povey in a few places but the last time was at the Oxford Geek Night. He kindly pointed me in the direction of Paul Squires of Perini when he heard that I wanted to organise a text hacking day. Paul is one of the people behind Book Hackday this coming Saturday […]