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Using Redis as a store

A few months ago I started on a work project to do some work on social media imports for a CRM. The idea was to query a contact’s Twitter stream, if it existed, and show it to screen. I updated the existing module to prevent it re-querying Twitter immediately so that the IP address was […]

More autocompletion with Redis and Drupal

Last week I began working on an auto-complete function using Redis behind Drupal 7 to do some auto-completing functions. I needed to get some county data, and possibly other sorts, put into some forms so that it can be standardised. One of the issues that I’ve been trying to do is to make sure that […]

Auto-completing Drupal with Redis

I’ve been¬†working on some functions for a forthcoming site at Janet and have been looking at the user functionality in some of our forms. In a reversal of roles, I’ve been trying to find ways of making it easier for users to complete the forms for various products and services which has taken me down […]

Weeknotes: Storing and cleaning data

This week has been soft launching a CRM system for the Janet project. Hopefully these would be just user bugs but it has highlighted some interesting data cleaning issues. These are going to be inherent in the exchange of data between two or more systems, especially when one is a long-term pre-existing one. This has […]

Book Hackday and using Node with Redis

I’ve bumped into Marcus Povey in a few places but the last time was at the Oxford Geek Night. He kindly pointed me in the direction of Paul Squires of Perini when he heard that I wanted to organise a text hacking day. Paul is one of the people behind Book Hackday this coming Saturday […]

Scripting announced for Redis

I’ve just come across this blog post via the Redis Google group by Salvatore ‘Antirez’ Sanfilippo on introducing some scripting into the Redis key-vaue datastore. I’ve played around with Redis again as part of a logging system, having used it as a really basic queue system in a previous life. I may not play with […]

Finding a space for NoSQL

ReadWriteWeb have a post on NoSQL (again?) by Audrey Watters which is a brief overview of the area.¬† The original post points the Heroku blog, where Adam Wiggins outlines the uses of NoSQL. I’m not an expert by any means but use Redis on a daily basis with the Rediska PHP library. I remember having […]

Weeknotes: Redis, PHP, mail and SOAP

I’ve spent some time writing a queueing library using Redis as a backend. I started with the notion that it would need to be a FIFO queue but didn’t want to only use the in-built parts of PHP as a stack using array_pop or array_push. Whilst it might be faster, it doesn’t allow for queue […]

Weeknotes: Data mining, XML and bibliographies

It seems to be have been a week of frantic completion and refactoring. The first half was spent frantically converting html pages into PDFs using Verypdf’s HTMLtools server product. All in all the manual is very helpful and the test server could be set up quickly. It might have helped the other end if I’d […]

Weeknotes: Redis, RDF, rdflib and openletters

I’ve been trying to play catch up this week at work. One of the projects that I’ve been working on is the temporary storage of information. For one reason or another, one of the workers has decided to occasionally throw a fit and not do its job properly (on top of a connection that appears […]