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AYB14 – some post conference thoughts

I went to the All Your Base conference on Friday. I find that¬† it is a friendly conference and on that deals with issues that I am interested in. There are two themes this year that jumped out at me: 1. Open Data 2. Hardware and performance Jeni Tennison from the Open Data Institute opened […]

Research Databases in the Humanities

I went to the Research Databases in the Humanities workshop, organised by Sudamih, which was an excellent afternoon and time well spent. An Oxford heavy event, there were a number of interesting directions that came out of the afternoon. Firstly James Wilson, project manager of Sudamih at Oxford University Computing Services, outlined the Database as […]

Finding a space for NoSQL

ReadWriteWeb have a post on NoSQL (again?) by Audrey Watters which is a brief overview of the area.¬† The original post points the Heroku blog, where Adam Wiggins outlines the uses of NoSQL. I’m not an expert by any means but use Redis on a daily basis with the Rediska PHP library. I remember having […]