Monthly Archives: April 2012

Beginning DisplaySuite on Drupal

New project, new thoughts. We have been discussing the ways of displaying material to the end user in Drupal 7. The options that we had were Panels and Display Suite. I’ve just been playing with Display Suite which I have heard really good things about but never got around to using. Ivan Zugec’s tutorial (part […]

Exploring realtime presence

I went down to the London Realtime event event today. In part, it was to  learn more about realtime programming and partially because RabbitMQ were going to be there and it would be a good chance to talk to somebody about the message queueing (MQ). I did manage to bend somebody’s ear (sorry if I […]

Beginning using Drupal and TokBox

I’ve been playing around with TokBox and the Drupal plugin (7 only) for a project to see where it can go. TokBox is a video API which can be used to set up video sessions, say to publish only like a lecture, or to have a conversation and to link people together. Reading the University […]