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How not to build a messaging network

This talk was originally given at the lightning talks session of the Oxford Accu group. The updated slides are on my account on Slideshare. These are the fleshed out notes of a talk that I gave that evening based on experiences and experiments. It does contain some responses to questions and points raised. It is […]

Exploring realtime presence

I went down to the London Realtime event event today. In part, it was to  learn more about realtime programming and partially because RabbitMQ were going to be there and it would be a good chance to talk to somebody about the message queueing (MQ). I did manage to bend somebody’s ear (sorry if I […]

Bouncing like a bunny – initial thoughts on RabbitMQ

As part of the synchronisation part of a project, I’ve been trying to integrate systems together with a messaging system. This is not a trendy decision but one based on scalability and flexibility at the core. I wrote a micro-messaging server for my previous job which was dealing with a few hundred messages per day […]