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How not to build a messaging network

This talk was originally given at the lightning talks session of the Oxford Accu group. The updated slides are on my account on Slideshare. These are the fleshed out notes of a talk that I gave that evening based on experiences and experiments. It does contain some responses to questions and points raised. It is […]

Parsing ActiveMQ statistics to check on queue health

In my last post about monitoring ActiveMQ, I looked at various advisory queues. I also mused on the possibility of reading the stats from the queues and topics and parsing them so that if issues occur, they can be dealt with quickly rather than waiting for an issue to be reported. Although this information is […]

Using advisory queues to monitor activity on ActiveMQ

In my last post on ActiveMQ, I mused on using mirrored queues to keep a message store for varying reasons. It is a naive way of doing this but it showed how such a thing can be done quickly. As part of some ongoing explorations into operations and governance of MQ systems, I have also […]

Simple message storing with ActiveMQ

I have been doing some digging into monitoring queues on ActiveMQ and pushing the messages into a message store for what ever reason. The main reason for doing this would be monitoring error messages and giving developers and operations a way of exploring what is happening in a queue if data at a recipient system […]