Monthly Archives: August 2010

On, cried the leaders – the charge of the self-published

Paul Carr has an excellent post on Techcrunch regarding self-publishing and being damned. I agree with him in his analysis that this is going to be certain career suicide for the less famous author. Seth Godin has a following that means he has a market and I suspect that a fair amount of the followers […]

Weeknotes: Ubuntu, messaging and Open Correspondence

It has been a while since the last weeknotes. I’ve finally made the move to Linux, or at least dual booting, by installing Ubuntu so I’m currently learning a little the OS and getting a development environment set up for it. I’ve nearly finsihed the ongoing accounts project at work. The framework is up and […]

Never ending death of the book

Devin Coldewey has an intriguing post over on Crunchgear regarding the Google Books project. Google have digitised some books. Just one or two. Like many other people, I find the project useful for finding information and books I’d never come across or lost somewhere. Sometimes I’ll buy the book, sometimes I just need a bit […]

Creating bibliographic resources from web pages

Given the increasingly digital nature of research, including not only websites but blogs, forums, wikis, the (in my view), beloved moleskin is becoming increasingly outdated. I’ve just finished writing my first book and had the joy of using moleskin notebooks to note down urls and make notes. I like moleskins a lot but pen and […]