Monthly Archives: December 2008

iCal4j and Outlook

Nearly there with the Bedework project but just one last hurdle in terms of getting Outlook to see all the headers correctly. Squirrelsewer has one answer to the problem (basically Outlook 2007 doesn’t appear to like iCal headers very much) but I think it’s over engineered. Bedework’s core mailer takes a simpler approach so back […]

Re-use, Remix, Redistribute: Opening Knowledge

I’m going to talk to you today about opening science and some of the ways that are being used to create platforms and tools and underlying responsibilities and actions that the commons needs to take if it is to develop a truly open way of working. Technology really is a means to an end; not […]

Privacy in group situations

Clay Shirky, who is currently guest blogging on BoingBoing, has a link to a fantastic article by James Grimmelmann on “Facebook and the Social Dynamics of Privacy” which I’ve perused. I’ve been thinking about the nature of groups and how one keeps information and memberships from being inappropriately shared in uses such as scheduling events […]

Changing ways of learning

Wikinomics author Don Tapscott has an intriguing argument, reported in the Times this morning,  that “Teachers are no longer the fountain of knowledge; the internet is … Kids should learn about history to understand the world and why things are the way they are. But they don’t need to know all the dates. It is […]