Monthly Archives: October 2011

Beginning APC with Drupal

I’ve been looking at performance in PHP as a side project. I decided to install it on Snow Leopard, having already set up PEAR and PECL. Using pecl install apc, I downloaded APC which appeared to be fine. However when I ran some scripts, I got the error: Fatal error: Unknown: apc_fcntl_unlock failed: in Unknown […]

Working on the Panton Principles for Open Literature and Humanities

The, it appears indefatigable, James Harriman-Smith and I, amongst others, had been talking about porting the Panton Principles to Open Literature and Humanities uses. After a Skype call, we created a first draft which is now online on the Open Literature wiki: and on the Open Literature mailing list. One of the matters that […]

Streaming MP3s with Node.js

In the midst of doing some research for work into some technologies that we’ve begun, or are thinking of,  using, I’ve gone back to playing with Node.js . The ever useful Elegant Code blog has a quick guide to streaming files using Node that pretty much comes out to the box, or Github. Using some […]