Streaming MP3s with Node.js

In the midst of doing some research for work into some technologies that we’ve begun, or are thinking of,  using, I’ve gone back to playing with Node.js .

The ever useful Elegant Code blog has a quick guide to streaming files using Node that pretty much comes out to the box, or Github. Using some of the code and upgrading my own copy of Node.js to version 0.59 and reinstalling NPM, I started streaming a couple of MP3s off my laptop as a quick experiment towards something that might be of use to me. One of the ideas that I’ve been having is creating a streaming layer using Node to reduce Apache traffic.

This is the first stirrings towards a hack that I’ve really had a chance to play with recently but I’m hoping to get back into some real Node development again. It looks like there is at least one really useful FFMPEG library to do transcoding and produce thumbnails.

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