Monthly Archives: November 2013

Weeknotes – Blogging

I put out a tweet asking for any advice on light weight blogging engines. I was looking at options to replace desktop notes. Having been told about and, I have added them to my list of software to look at. I have been using Ghost as a first experiment and am looking at […]

A quick skim into mining Twitter data

This is a variant on the text prepared for a short talk at the Open Science evening at the Oxford e-Research Centre on Wednesday 27th November. Peter Murray-Rust also spoke at the event on the AMI software and the Chemical Tagger. This is a brief talk about some work that I have been doing in […]


A quiet couple of weeks with a project being changed from C to C++ to allow me to use some extra libraries. I’ve also been diving into some new texts to look at some relationships that I have been musing on for a while. So I am in the process of exploring how to visualise […]