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A quick skim into mining Twitter data

This is a variant on the text prepared for a short talk at the Open Science evening at the Oxford e-Research Centre on Wednesday 27th November. Peter Murray-Rust also spoke at the event on the AMI software and the Chemical Tagger. This is a brief talk about some work that I have been doing in […]

Looking at mentions and users in a Twitter message

I was preparing for the recent OK Festival and discovered that the Weird Council was taking place; a conference on the awesome China Miéville. As you may guess, I am a bit of a fan. Unfortunately I was not aware that it had taken place so I watched it on Twitter. Whilst on my travels, […]

Node, Twitter and storing data

I’ve been meaning to get into doing some work using Node.js for bits and pieces. Node offers some serious possibilities for server side programming without using cron jobs, creating event driven programmes that reduce load on the CPU (not using cron jobs) and for more agile and responsive backends to be created. After a conversation […]

Tweeting changes with Node.js

As a break from Open Correspondence, I’ve been looking at node.js, the server side Javascript library. I’ve been thinking about the document stuff that I’ve been working on with Milton. One of the things that I had mooted as an idea was reading Twitter and pushing them back to the document. I’ve been playing with […]

Twittering RSS

The slowness or lack of real time on RSS feeds has reared its head again in terms of getting news out quickly and in “real-time”. Erick Schonfeld on Techcrunch wants to speed them up and  John Biggs has decided that RSS needs to RIP. I’ve been working on Twittering RSS feeds for the JISCMail service […]