Scripting announced for Redis

I’ve just come across this blog post via the Redis Google group by Salvatore ‘Antirez’ Sanfilippo on introducing some scripting into the Redis key-vaue datastore.

I’ve played around with Redis again as part of a logging system, having used it as a really basic queue system in a previous life. I may not play with it immediately but there is a lot to chew over in the post about writing scripts against Redis.

Initially I’m looking at trying to write a search script for a day’s worth of logs, so nothing major but I’m also hoping to capture counts for services and parts of a platform being used. It’ll probably have a very few defined commands to avoid bloat although it will initially be in PHP (since I’m using it for other parts of the platform). It might change into a different language (Lua seems to be the one being muttered about) if performance requires it.

It has been a while since I’ve really played with Redis but I’m glad to come back to it and become re-acquainted with it.

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