Weeknotes: Open Correspondence toolkit and converting XML into JSON

I’ve been quiet for a bit though generally because I’ve been quite busy on projects and exploring ideas.

After Book Hackday, I’ve written a post about beginning to develop the Open Correspondence toolkit for the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Notebook blog. I was also contacted regarding converting the TEI XML pages into JSON, which I am currently working on.

Once I’ve done some more work on it, I’ll post the code and more about it.

I’ve been working on another project which may or may not be open. It is certainly interesting but I am not sure I can say much more than that. I hope to have a blog post up soon about it but I am rather excited by it and its possibilities.

Meanwhile, the work project continues apace with some surprising outcomes for me. Following watching a video on Facebook’s architecture, I’m beginning to see certain parts very differently. I really do hope more on this but I’ve got some building to do and a bit more delving and reading that needs completion.

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