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Upgrading CouchDB on OSX Mavericks

I installed CouchDB on OSX a while ago using Homebrew. I think it was at last year’s All Your Base Conference. Anyhow, I merrily ran brew upgrade on it without using it much. Until today. I want to play around with some data and thought that CouchDB would be a good database for it. I […]

CouchDb and Documents

I’ve been have a pre-Book HackDay hack at home (in between cat wrangling duties!) to use Couch DB in managing documents. Since it is a document centred database, no surprise there, but I’ve looking at it from the perspective of creating a system to allow to create their own documentation and make notes against the […]

Weeknotes: Open Correspondence

I’ve been talking with Rufus Pollock about moving the Open Correspondence web site as we’ve had the occasional snafu with bringing the site back up after maintenance. I’m pleased to say that we managed the move last night and the site is back up, DNS moved and so on. The one thing that really surprised […]