Upgrading CouchDB on OSX Mavericks

I installed CouchDB on OSX a while ago using Homebrew. I think it was at last year’s All Your Base Conference. Anyhow, I merrily ran brew upgrade on it without using it much. Until today.

I want to play around with some data and thought that CouchDB would be a good database for it. I updated my Python load code for the data and created some simple Design Documents. No joy. Just hanging. Okay, so I created a temporary view with the same code which was also tested on a different database. I set up a test database and temporary view with one record. CouchDB still hung. Even the tests would not work.

Looking in the logs, I kept seeing the error:

OS Process Error <0.25069.17> :: {os_process_error {exit_status,133}}

So, after some searching I came across an issue regarding the Spidermonkey build being incompatible. Having run the updates, I had assumed that Spidermonkey had been updated but obviously not for some reason. Having updated it, I also had to update the icu4c library.

After updating both libraries, I managed to run the tests and also the code.

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