Weeknotes: Becoming functional

It has been a week of moving something onwards and making it in the way that I’ve like to see it made.  I enrolled onto the Software Engineering course at Oxford this year. In all honesty, it has been an upward and somewhat rocky journey but I am enjoying it. Now.

I signed up for the Functional Programming course for which Haskell is used. It is a suggested requirement for Concurrent Programming (which uses Erlang) but I thought it would be a chance to stretch myself and learn something completely different.

As well as the course reading, I looked at Functional Programming in Javascript having downloaded Michael Fogus‘s Functional Javascript (O’Reilly, June 2013) and Neal Ford‘s Functional Thinking (O’Reilly, July 2014). Within a couple of hours, I managed to get a working prototype to transform some data working and could see how being Functional was allowing my work to be more functional.

Plans are in hand for some hackdays as well. More details shortly when I post the resources.

Also, the new ACCU CVu magazine arrived with a great article on testing from Pete Goodliffe, editor of Becoming a Better Programmer (O’Reilly, July 2014).

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