Weeknotes: Still functional…

So I’ve survived the the week of Functional Programming and Haskell lectures. The hard work starts here in terms of using and remembering enough of the above in the set assignment. Also Erlang and concurrency is the subject of the next course.

One of the things that I’ve been looking at more are Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and fluent APIs. These seem to offer a way of solving some issues and to stop re-inventing certain wheels. I think that this might be an area to look into more deeply as experimentation.

I saw the link on the O’Reilly newsletter about companies such as Netflix wanting to ban VPN access to their services on the Torrentfreak site. Whilst I can understand what they intend to achieve, it strikes me that this might be a gateway to other bans for VPNs that could affect security of certain communications.

After the closing announcement from Berg, it appears that Mozilla Labs is also closing its doors. Ian Bicking has a great post on the reasons and the outcomes of the project. There is much to chew on in the post about the nature of labs and experimentation.

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