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Finding and mapping influences

The awesome Jonathan Gray posted an intriguing question on his blog about mapping influence in intellectual history. What he is trying to do is to map the possible routes of influence between people. In his case, it is philosophers; in mine, authors. One of the driving ideas behind the Open Correspondence RDF was to begin […]

A change to the Letters project

During the previously blogged dinner with Ben and Rufus, we talked about the nascent work on the letters project. Both have “encouraged” me (it didn’t take too much persuasion, it must be said) to move the project to the Open Knowledge Foundation and to port it to Python with a Redis backend rather than the […]

Update on the Letters of Dickens

Just started on a new version of the Dickens letters which I’m trying to improve before adding in further volumes of text and other authors. I’ve refactored some of the code to remove some of the cruft and obsolescence. I’ve also been working on the rdf so that I can build up the RDFa links […]

Letters of Charles Dickens website

I’ve finally posted the first draft of the Dickens website here: https://austgate.co.uk/dickens/index.php?author=Dickens.  The idea is that it will allow users to derive networks across the a variety of Victorian authors as and when I can develop the datasets. I’ve also been developing a small text ontology to add to the Friend of a Friend (FOAF)  […]