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Weeknotes: Open Correspondence updates

I’ve bitten the bullet and done it. I’ve uploaded the current changes to the Open Correspondence site. The current changes are: additional fields in the RDF endpoint.  I still need to do some major work to JSON and XML which I hope to do for the next update. a basic text search a basic set […]

Contextualising places in time

As part of the Open Correspondence project, I’ve started to look at place names and locations to build a set of temporal and spatial data for the letters to allow for geographical queries. As part of the search, I came across a reference to Sean Gillies’ useful blog post talking about modelling historical place names […]

Digital Humanities and building data sets

Rob Myers reposted this New York Times link on the Open Knowledge Foundation discussion list about Digital Humanities and its growth. It mentions the Mapping the Republic of Letters project (unfortunately it does not appear to be open) and its linking together of the centres of letter production. Last night I managed to build the […]