Weeknotes: documentation, prototyping and cats

I’ve spent most of the week either trying to persuade colleagues that rewrites are needed to existing services. I’ve also finally managed to get the initial promise of working from home so hopefully I’ll be able to get the rewrite started on the “quiet” days away from the office. (Although the cat can drive me nuts before she goes to sleep at 10am).

Still working on the accounts project which keeps unravelling a series of underlying problems. Most of them we know about but they appear in all sorts of odd places.

Assuming the world doesn’t fall on my head next time I’m in the office, I’m going to try and spend the day at home on a “Fedex” day. I’m taking the notion from an issue of Wired where they were talking about different ways of working and Atlassian mentioned “Fedex” days where you spend a day building a prototype. What I’d really like to get prototyped is the service bus / queuing system. So fingers crossed.

The impetus came from updating the disaster recovery documentation and writing the first department of the service status documentation (which I wrote after getting the last bit of debugging finished). I know that documentation is not everybody’s favourite thing but I find it useful in rethinking the system and making sure it fits together.

I’ve made time to rewrite the load function for Open Letters. I’ve got the document building the letters in XML and written a rough upload script. Next task is to rewrite the main.py script, test the XML loading and then finished tidying up the initial document.

I’m also looking forward to Textcamp so it’ll be great to get the load finished (as it normalises the function) and get on with doing a presentation for the camp.

I’m also coming to end of writing my book on children’s fantasy. Whilst not technical in an IT sense, I’m thinking of the next project on the New Weird and how to use IT to visualise influences and timelines. The one that worries me is archiving necessary web pages for the research which I need to look towards as I’m not sure whether it is technically illegal.

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