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Marking up Open Correspondence with TEI XML

As part of the next version of Open Correspondence, I’ve been working on the XML and JSON mark-up. As part of the XML, I’ve been using the TEI mark-up for the letters. I once hard this described as “XML for people who don’t think XML is flexible enough”. Now I can see why. It is […]

Weeknotes: documentation, prototyping and cats

I’ve spent most of the week either trying to persuade colleagues that rewrites are needed to existing services. I’ve also finally managed to get the initial promise of working from home so hopefully I’ll be able to get the rewrite started on the “quiet” days away from the office. (Although the cat can drive me […]

Weeknotes: PHP, SOAP, and Open Letters

It has been a fairly quiet week with the boss away. I’ve managed to complete a service to upload details from spreadsheets sent via email. I’ve also managed to complete a SOAP service in PHP to listen for status updates and just doing the final tests to it now. Once its up it can be […]