Weeknotes: PHP, SOAP, and Open Letters

It has been a fairly quiet week with the boss away. I’ve managed to complete a service to upload details from spreadsheets sent via email.

I’ve also managed to complete a SOAP service in PHP to listen for status updates and just doing the final tests to it now. Once its up it can be repurposed for other companies. One of the things that I thinkĀ  will come up is how to store XML files most efficiently as MySQL 5 appears to be tied to uploading files rather than just taking POST strings. I’m thinking of using something like Oracle’s BDB XML database (though the license appears to preclude our uses) or eXist but that is something to come back to much later.

I’ve been thinking about the Open Correspondence site and the best way to allow it to be extended by other people. I think that the best way forward to create an internal XML format which the load command can use and anybody can use to create their own files and databases. Its along the lines of the stuff I partially did some work on in the Open Shakespeare project.

Given the boss is away, time for finishing more things off next week. I’ve also created a Trac instance for internal purposes but I think it’ll help on that bane if developing live – documentation.

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