Exposing the Classic Serial data

I’ve just been listening to the serialisation of Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone on Radio Four in its Classic serial slot.

Whilst  listening (and remembering how much I had enjoyed it when I read it years ago), I began thinking about trying to expose it as Linked Data so that the book’s publication detail could be linked into bibliographic data, the actor’s details could be linked as well so that you could see who appeared regularly, or which companies were regularly used by the BBC to create these dramatisations. If the bibliographic detail could be suitably developed, then you could also query the publication dates and authors.

I think that might well be a future small project to start doing (perhaps one evening). I guess it could be a script to scrape the relevant pages, query dbpedia (since I’m using PHP on this server, using ARC) and return a relevant form.

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