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Notes from visualisation workshop

Notes from yesterday’s Digital Humanities visualisation colloquium at Reading on 31 March. Reuse of models in different form: tensions between drama and academic use. Life of Rome as MMORPG. VR seems big: Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. What’s the sustainability? As the tools become more available and publication modes. How does the digital output fit […]

Beginning to visualise the nodes of hours

A while ago, I looked at the ideas behind the Beautiful Trouble book at the suggestion of someone and the idea of monadic visualisation. In this post, I offer a short overview of the project and some of the issues and then an overview of the libraries used. An overview of the project I thought […]

Attending the Open Humanities Hack

I’ve just come back from a couple of excellent days of Humanities Hacking, organised by the King’s College, London Digital Humanities department and the Open Knowledge Foundation. To be fair, it went slightly differently than I thought it would. After an interesting start trying to find the room we were in, a few of us […]

A new project

Helsinki, Finland. OkFest. I had just come out of the Hans Rosling talk (or seeing it on a screen) and was talking to various openGlam people about it and we were rather excited. The conversation started off innocently enough. It started small enough as well. As these things do, it grew slightly. One Sunday (and […]

Hacking Arts Council data

I lost my hackday cherry yesterday and went to the Open Data hackathon to look at the South East arts council data found at the data.gov.uk site (http://data.gov.uk/dataset/grants-for-the-arts-awards-arts-council-england). Our hosts, White October, were fantastic and welcoming (and put the kettle on as soon as I came in!) and Incuna provided the much needed pizzas for […]