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Weeknotes: All quiet on the accounting front

It’s been a week of relative frustration with priorities suddenly being shifted and the infrastructure road map looking more and more unclear. The soap server is largely debugged and ready for more extensive testing on the server and the back end has now been rewritten to capture more data. I cannot help feeling that it […]

Weeknotes: Pylons, Python and printing

I’ve been doing some more work to the Open Correspondence website (which is now functional¬† thanks to Rufus Pollock’s help). In part I’ve been cleaning up the urls for the data controller (which is still coming along) and trying to tie the views in together. Being happier with Apache and PHP I spent some time […]

Date set for Textcamp

The provisional date for Textcamp has been set for August 21st on the twitter feed.

Digitising books and mumblings on open literature

Robert McCrum, an associate editor of the Observer, has this remarkably sane blog post regarding the nature of digitisation and Google Books. Perhaps it is only my interpreation but it does seem to be a slight volte face on his part, as I’ve always interpreted his stance as slightly anti-digitised books. Having read Adrian Johns’ […]