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Some Thoughts on Digitizing the Stage

I attended the Digitizing the Stage conference, jointly between the Bodleian libraries and Folger Shakespeare library. A basic storify exists here for the various tweets. A mix of performance, textual, makers, and doers, this was a chance to consider the needs of archives, scholars and the data for ongoing scholarship. I noticed a disenchantment with […]

The orphans are not being exploited

It appears that a court might be able to see some sense and stop Google digitising orphan works, according to a judgement today (source: Wired ). A US federal judge commented that whilst the agreement is good, it went to far. The original agreement appears to have given Google the right to digitise and sell […]

Digitising books and mumblings on open literature

Robert McCrum, an associate editor of the Observer, has this remarkably sane blog post regarding the nature of digitisation and Google Books. Perhaps it is only my interpreation but it does seem to be a slight volte face on his part, as I’ve always interpreted his stance as slightly anti-digitised books. Having read Adrian Johns’ […]

Digitizing events – Google and partners digitize newspapers

Google are working with various publishing partners to digitize newspapers from, it appears, Canada and North America. As Punit Soni, the product manager for the programme, writes: “This effort is just the beginning. As we work with more and more publishers, we’ll move closer towards our goal of making those billions of pages of newsprint […]