Partially reviving the Open Literature project

One of the projects which I have been involved in with Open Knowledge is the creation of a WordPress plug-in for the existing Textus project.

To be fair, it has gone more slowly than I would like but I have finally got a test site up using Redhat’s OpenShift which makes it very easy to set up a WordPress instance and populate it with your own plug-ins.

The Textus project has its own mark up which is put into a typography file and this is attached to a plain text file with no mark up at all. When the plug-in is called, the typography is attached to the text which is then rendered in HTML.

The text can also have some annotations on it. Previously these were stored in another database or a flat file but the plug-in now has the notes inside of it and the WordPress database. The JavaScript now uses WordPress as an API to pull data from and we are currently working on how to post notes into it.

Yet the basic information on the text and viewing the mark up now works. Pushing some fake notes into a local test instance shows that the annotations mark up works.

There are some issues still to resolve, such as the notes and the styling, but the project is healthier than it has been in the past. It means that we will be able to resurrect Open Shakespeare and Open Milton and fix the issues that we had with the previous code base which became unmaintainable.

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