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Exploring Charles Dickens’s networks

As part of the ongoing Open Correspondence rewrite, I’ve started working on some visualisations after a conversation with Rufus Pollock during one of the Humanities calls. One of the immediate ones was a force-directed graph to link all the correspondents to the authors. Well author at the moment. Although I am aware of SigmaJS, I […]

Using Redis as a store

A few months ago I started on a work project to do some work on social media imports for a CRM. The idea was to query a contact’s Twitter stream, if it existed, and show it to screen. I updated the existing module to prevent it re-querying Twitter immediately so that the IP address was […]

More STOMPing with Drupal and Bean

Recently I scratched an itch and posted a module onto as a sandbox. It is perhaps slightly misnomered in “Bean Stomp” which is its development name. It is an integration of Jeff Mesnil’s Stomp over WebSockets JavaScript library which allows real time updating of a page without polling or similar overhead. I had been […]

Thoughts on the Drupal Ladder, the Oxford day and communities

I went to a Drupal Ladder event organised by Torchbox just north of Oxford. I had a lot of fun and learned a fair amount.  The ladder itself is a community initiative which is aimed at getting more contributors pushing patches back to the Drupal core, especially Drupal 8. It also serves as a way […]

Reading in remote data sources into Drupal 7 part one – the custom code way

I’ve been looking at integrating a variety of different data sources in a Drupal project for various reasons but generally from the perspective of pulling data from existing sources. These do not necessarily go into the same system and equally, only parts may be required for by differing systems. In a way, I am trying […]

Musing on the idea of a UK Drupal Association

Steven Jones from Computerminds came to the Drupalcamp session at Cambridge Drupalcamp where we were learning how to run a camp, where we also discussed the potential need / use of a UK Drupal Association. We did discuss this on various forae ( has the latest set of posts) but I am afraid I lost […]

Thoughts on the Oxford Drupalcamp

Back in the mists of time (something like the week before the London Drupalcon), a few people were having conversations which went along the line of “why don’t we have a Drupalcamp in Oxford?”. These were good conversations but were being repeated in a few places. I hoped to put the conversations together and watch. […]

Exploring realtime presence

I went down to the London Realtime event event today. In part, it was to  learn more about realtime programming and partially because RabbitMQ were going to be there and it would be a good chance to talk to somebody about the message queueing (MQ). I did manage to bend somebody’s ear (sorry if I […]

Beginning using Drupal and TokBox

I’ve been playing around with TokBox and the Drupal plugin (7 only) for a project to see where it can go. TokBox is a video API which can be used to set up video sessions, say to publish only like a lecture, or to have a conversation and to link people together. Reading the University […]

Trying to geolocate a part of Charles Dickens

I have been working at a snail’s pace on some geolocation queries on some locations which are associated with Charles Dickens. Using Python’s NLTK library, I managed to extract around 60 distinct locations from his novel, Bleak House. A bit of human editing has tidied this up for me but it looks useful. Having popped […]