A new project – Unheard City

A short post really but I am in the process of starting a new small project called the Unheard City. It is a side project, so I expect the pace to be slow, but it explores ideas that I have had in my head for a short while.

What does the city sound like when one listens to the radio signals about us? Can they help us understand how our possessions are connecting to other devices or the companies that own them? It suggests questions about how we move into other forms of digital methods. What do they entails in terms of questions, methods, and design?

I hope to develop some strands from a paper to be shared very shortly within this new thing. One of the ideas that I want to really look at is how we might make sonifications more accessible to different audiences, in the vein of data- and infographics. There is a lot to be done so things may fall by the wayside but one can hope to keep as many rolling as possible.

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