Weeknotes: Accepting and Coping with Boredom

Recently I have been searching for a purpose, or so it seems. I have many things that I need to do, am doing, and want to do. The task list is endless and sometimes interesting. It can be boring but that is life.

I was half listening to some talks on technical leadership and Michael Lopp’s “Bored People Quit” post was mentioned. I may get some of the books at some moment. The post resonated for several reasons. The first was the result of a couple of conversations in which a lack of direction from someone else was clarified. The second is the creation of some space to explore.

I am coming to the end of a thesis and about to submit. I am excited and nervous about this while also really wanting to do some experimentation. I learned and was exposed to new things. How do I defend this thing? What now? What next? This a major part of these feelings but there are issues elsewhere that I am not able to discuss yet.

It strikes me that an issue is that the question is about direction and vision, while trying to cope in changing situations. Maybe this is time to start looking at what I want and need to work out how to go forwards. However, after a rest, there does need some time for play and experimentation.

For now – accept the boredom and frustration while completing the thesis. It is so close.

The rest of the week has been writing some text to freshen up some labs, drawing on new research papers. We are looking this year being the last for this course’s content with a refresh due next year. This gives us time to read and research the next contents.

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