Weeknote: SDRs, Workshops, and tiny tools

Less weeknote and more occasional update …

I celebrated passing my Viva without corrections by putting in a workshop proposal. I heard last night that it was accepted. Now to organise it. While I was working on the proposal and a paper, I wrote a prototype sonification plugin for Gephi. Now that the workshop exists, there is an impetus to continue work on it and to select a name for it.

I have also been playing around with an Android library for HackRF One. I got it working this morning after adding some new flags to the old code and now have a really simple phone app that I can use to collect data. I need to do so much work to the app to get it working as I need it for a project but that can wait until after Christmas.

I will also be working on a draft paper for an infrastructure workshop at King’s College, London to be held next year. This will begin to bring some thoughts and strands together in one place.

I also contributed to the Public Data Lab’s Zeehaven tool to convert NDJson into a CSV file, such as the data from Zeeschuimer. It’s a tiny tool that fits into the Unix philosophy of doing one thing and was fun to do.

Since it is Christmas, time to take a break. There is a lot to do in the New Year.

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