Weeknotes: It’s raining sensors

Well, prototypes of sensors.

I have been playing around with the piezo sensor to measure the pressure on a surface. I have been using a milk bottle as a testing environment to act as a surrogate for a plastic surface to test the code. This goes with the rain gauge, using the HC-SR04 distance sensor. Next up would be to find out how to calibrate the data. One idea is to see how many of these can be put into one board to reduce the amount of hardware required. This also means looking at splicing wires together.

I attached the 2.4GHz antenna for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module to the HackRF via the SMA connector and got some data using the hackrf_sweep in the 2.4GHz range. The existing spectrum analyzers do seem a little interesting higher end data but may be this is a minor research project as well as turning the data into a WAV file.

Both projects explore sound as a signal as well as allowing it to be processed into other representations.

Next up is a turn back to more traditional network models to explore the Fediverse data in a different way.

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