Making Milton sparql

I’ve been going over some ideas that have been bubbling in my mind for a while about using RDF to load in further details about a test in question. I’ve gone back to an old Milton file, the Areopagitica,  that I created for another project but never really used. Essentially its part of the Burke stuff that I’ve been looking at in other posts. I’ve started using the HTML version but will get around to updating the XML/XSL version which is in dire need of an overhaul.

What I’ve been thinking about is software re-usability and I realised that quite a few of my queries are very similar in terms of looking for abstracts and influences on a text. I’ve started collecting various scripts together and putting them together to form a small library to re-use across texts to develop over time.

I’ve been writing some scripts which wrap around the ARC toolkit and query dbpedia. It still has a fair few bugs but I need to spend some time getting rid of them. At the moment, the abstract overwrites all the text if you scroll over the title or Milton’s name.

Whilst PHP might not always be my language of choice but one of work, I’ve started porting some of these ideas across to Java and Python. As part of this, I’m hoping to finish some stuff I’ve been working on for some command line scripts and tools for the Open Correspondence project which will hopefully feed into the project.

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