Pi in the Street

I am about to start work on a new project, AI in the Street. I am not sure exactly my role as the kick off meetings are this week. In preparation, I have been playing around with a Raspberry Pi Pico and the aioble library to make really simple tunes on it. Not quite chiptunes but in that vague direction. I was going to write now all I need to do is to connect to a battery and run it, but it appears that, using Thonny, as I had to do was to save the script as main.py and save it to the Pico itself, thanks for information this board.

The next tasks include attaching a button to turn it off and on (but I cannot see on my desk at the moment) and to determine what services are being discovered. I know there is a library but the Bluetooth SIG has a public download that might be useful here.

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