Weeknotes: Phones and the Environment

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to follow up a query that I had about tracing the way that the Bluetooth signal is constructed through the various layers of software and hardware. My interest is software but this does interface with hardware sensors on the phone. I took the phone apart using screw drivers with very small heads and think that I have identified the relevant parts (thanks to various images of other Samsung phones). I am now going through the software stack and identifying the layers. I got some paint from Bare Conductive to explore interactive posters using their paint and software libraries.

I was also looking at an Arduino MKR4000 Vidor with an FPGA chip on it. I spent all day updating an old Ubuntu box but had forgotten that it was a 386 chip and not x64, so the IDE would not compile on it. I may try looking at installing the software on a virtual machine with USB access.

A chance conversation with a colleague had me looking at the Environ+ board and a Raspberry Pi Pico that I recently got hold of for someone else. I am a newcomer to the Pico but Pimoroni’s tutorials were very helpful, even if I did have to install Thonny. There is certainly some mileage there and some sonic aspects to explore, including anemometers. I suspect that I will be building stuff at some point using Arduinos and Pis.

I am still waiting for a viva date but hopefully any day soon. Lots of making to come, I hope, but first I need to deal with the PhD and some family issues.

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